Highway 17 in Metro Vancouver connects the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in southwest Delta to 176 Street (Highway 15) in North Surrey. It is also known as the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR). Strategically located, Highway 17 also connects to Highways 1, 91, 99 and the Golden Ears Bridge.

The speed limit on Highway 17 is 80 km/hr.

With connections to Deltaport and primary gateway facilities Highway 17 benefits local businesses, the trucking industry and other goods movers. It benefits tourists by facilitating access to the U.S. (Peace Arch) border crossing, the Tsawwassen ferry terminal and the B.C. Interior. It also benefits commuters, providing an untolled alternative to the Port Mann Bridge with fast and efficient connections to other river crossings.

South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) restores municipal roads as community connectors by reducing truck and other traffic on such roads in Delta and Surrey, thereby improving quality of life for residents and local businesses.