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The car market opened with the arrival of Mercedes-Benz in 1886, followed by Peugeot, Armored Chevrolet for sale and Tatra. In 18 years, there were already 10 major brands manufacturing cars that continue to operate today.

They were successful manufacturers, in some cases, they even marked the history of the automotive industry, but disappeared from the map.

Two legendary American brands

After World War II, some smaller American firms sought alliances to compete with the big ones like General Motors, Ford or Chrysler. One of these unions was that of Studebaker (1852-1967) and Packard (1899-1958), both born at the end of the 19th century, who managed to maintain an enviable reputation for the quality and reliability of their vehicles until economic difficulties ended with these two mythical American brands in the 60s. As a curious fact, Studebaker began manufacturing electric vehicles in 1902.

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Triumph, the fall of the ‘British roadster’

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The British brand Triumph (1890-1984) began by first making bicycles and then their charismatic motorcycles, part of the business that, re-founded, still endures. However, it was not until 1923 when he produced his first car, the 10/20 model with a 4-cylinder engine and mechanical brakes as an innovation in the sector.

Oldsmobile, the last dinosaur in Detroit

Oldsmobile (1897-2004) is one of the most prominent American car companies. Between 1897 and 2004, it manufactured more than 35 million cars and when it ceased its activity it was the oldest automobile brand in the world, together with Daimler and Peugeot.

Thus ended the faithful companion of Michael Knight

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The Pontiac brand (1926-2010) was introduced to the market in 1926 by General Motors. The Pontiac name had already been used by another manufacturer in 1906, but it disappeared. This intermediate brand tended to focus on sports and good performance models with affordable prices for the average citizen.

Talbot, the British brand that was French

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The Earl of Shrewsbury-Talbot financed and gave his name to the Talbot brand (1903-1986) to import the French models of Clément-Bayard and sell them in the British Isles under another name. In 1905 the company was renamed Clément-Talbot and was dedicated to assembling the French-made parts in the new factory in North Kensington, London. After the First World War, it passed into the hands of a British company based in Paris and was called Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq.

Clement-Bayard, a short story

Returning to France and with the aforementioned Clément-Bayard (1903-1922), we come across a brand whose history could be one of the shortest in the automotive industry.

Two modern Asians that lasted little

Daewoo (1978-1999), the multinational that became the second Korean multinational, behind Hyundai, declared bankruptcy before the turn of the century after the strong Asian financial crisis. In Europe, he landed with economic and practical models that became the property of General Motors and replaced the brand with Chevrolet. This meant a change of improvement in exterior designs and interiors.

Brands that disappeared and have returned

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DeLorean (1975-1982 and 2016-present) only has one model in its catalog, the DMC-12 with a stainless steel body and the characteristic vertical seagull wing doors, popularized in the series of films back to the Future. After disappearing in the eighties, a group of enthusiasts bought the factory in 2015, where there are parts and components of the original model to build at least 300 units of new DeLorean.

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